Additive manufacturing with Binder Jetting


What is Binder Jetting ?

Additive manufacturing with Binder Jetting is process in which a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to join powder particles- similar to traditional paper printing. The binder functions like the ink as it moves across the layers of powder.

The printhead strategically drops binder into the powder and the part is develop in 3D  by  layering  powder and binder until the part is materialised.

While other materials may need to be cured, Binder Jetting with silicon sand requires no additional processing.



Why use Binder Jetting ?

There is often confusion amongst the various technologies within  3D printing. Some methods are build use a  melting or welding process  to fuse each layer together. These processes typically require additional material,  and are  also more  time-intensive.  The attendant heat can  create  residual stresses in the parts.

Additive manufacturing with  Binder Jetting is unique in that it does not employ heat during the build process and use materials more efficiently.  Spreading speeds for Binder Jetting continue to significantly outperform other processes and so it's very cost effective for large, complex parts.